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 +====== Privacy statement ======
 +  * Information you provide us will be, if appropriate, regarded as confidential
 +  * Your information will not be transfered to a third party unless we are legaly obliged to do so
 +  * If you provide us usefull information for our website we have the right to incorporate it on our website
 +  * We will store your data in a safe way\\
 +  * This website does use some [[cookies_on_this_wiki|cookies]]
 +  * This website does require javascript to be enabled on your computer. We use, as far as we can tell, only local scripts. No external scripts* are used
 +  * Questions about privacvy? Send us [[|an email]]!
 +You can enhance the privacy settings of your browser. See our topic [[Privacy]] for more information\\ 
 +* Scripting can be unsafe for your computer and be a thread for your privacy
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